A coalition of local and state leaders launched a new initiative on Wednesday aimed at uncovering and measuring the impact of historic injustices against Black Coloradans.

The group gathered at Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library to unveil their proposal, which calls for the creation of an independent task force to conduct a comprehensive study.

They said the task force will “determine the extent to which Black Coloradans have experienced and continue to experience racial discrimination linked to harmful practices, policies and systems of the state; and quantify the generational economic impacts of those harms.”

“We need legislation to better understand disparities and injustices across various areas, from healthcare to education, to criminal justice to housing that impact the ability of Black Coloradans to build sustainable generational wealth and vice versa,” said Norman Harris, a community organizer. “Knowledge is power. And with the right data, we can drive and form policies and initiatives to enact meaningful change.”

Members of the Colorado Black Caucus will introduce a bill next session to create the task force.

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